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An interview By Miss Thang @ Konektado.com

Alright folks, this is the SECOND half of my interview with the STICKFIGGAZ, with none other than Mr. Ron Henley. I must warn some ladies though, that you might not like the outcome of this male-fashionistas interview! As always, i stuck to my sarcasm...and asked him the questions that YOUR inquiring minds have ALWAYS been wondering about. TAKE NOTE of the VERY FIRST question. ENJOY KIDS

So first off, thanks for givin' Ms Thang a chance to interview you Ron. I hope you don't get offended by the questions, and that you answer all of them with the truth and pride! Please take note that these questions were all made up by me, and do not take them personally. Oh yah and read the questions carefully before answering, you know Ms. Thang doesnt like stupid people. So please pay attention..and HAVE FUN =P

Why do you always wear skinny jeans?
*I guess I feel comfortable with it.

How many pairs do you own?
*Dalawa lang. hehe.

If you could compare your fashion style to someone, who would that person be?
*I don't do that. I'm original.

You and Loonie together, are stickfiggas. Who made the name up? And whats the story behind it?
*We had a bunch of names for the group before. There used to be 4 of us. Stick Figgas had the most votes and it maybe because we really looked like stick figures back then.

You both freestyle, but who do you think is better? you or him? and why? (and you cant say its even..because one is always better than the other)
*Loonie is like the LeBron James of the game. I am more like Kobe Bryant. He dominates while I close out games. Ya heee me?

Do you think Mike Swifts Konektado.com movement and To the billboard will change Hip-Hop here in the philippines? WHY or WHY NOT?
*I think Konektado.com and To the Billboard movement helps us people to stay connected and inspires people to reach for that dream even if it's unreachable. Well, it's kind of fun to do the impossible.

Is there a producer or beat maker here in PI, that you would love to work with?
*I would say Mr. Jonathan Ong.

If you could pick ONE beatmaker/producer here in the PI that you would have to make music for you, for the REST OF YOUR CAREER, who would you pick? ONLY 1 PLEASE.
*The Beatmonx

Which artist (only 1) here do you think needs more practice with their songs? and you can't say that EVERYONE needs more practice or that everyone needs practice sometime. you HAVE to pick 1.
*Myself. I believe that I still have a lot of room for improvement and that I can take my skills further to the next level.

Do you have a girlfriend?
*Yes as a matter of fact I do have one.

If yes, who is she..if not, why not?
*I can't tell you right now. But you can guess. :)

No thank you, I won't try to guess..I'm pretty sure i'll find out soon enough..

What are your thoughts on the sex-scandals that be poppin up out of nowhere here in the philippines?
*I think it's great for the youth. It's a more realistic approach to porn. lol.

If you haven't already, would you ever consider recording your personal sex tape?
*I probably wouldn't. But it depends on the circumstances.

If you had to wear only 1 color for the rest of your life, what color would you choose?

Pick one artist here in the PI, that you would like to battle against, that you haven't already.
*Wala akong maisip sa ngayon pero kung may makakabattle ako, gusto ko yung challenging para masaya. hehe.

KrazyKyle is like the ambassador or representative for kids against drugs where hes from (something like that, correct me if im wrong), do you think that he's right for that position? Why or Why not? Do you think he smokes weed?
*Yes he does. He's a hypocriticizer. If you know what i mean.

Yes, actually I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Why did you agree to an interview with Ms. Thang?
*Because I heard from the grapevine that Ms. Thang is a very agreeable person. Am I right? lol.

Well, most of the time they agree because their intimated..but its all good, as long as they agree! hahahaha

If you had to listen to ONE group or ARTISTS' (here in the philippines) album forever, like you had NO CHOICE who would it be?

Oh really now..

Which artist here in the PI would you NOT MIND, NOT LISTENING to for the rest of your life?
*6 Cyclemind

Are these questions hard?
Nope. But something else is. haha

See, now thats T.M.I. even for MS. THANG. LOL

Do you think i'm being too nosey?
*No, I think you're cool, you are you.

Very good answer.

If your life was a line from a movie, what would it be?
*"The more difficult it is, the more rewarding it is in the end." - BIG FISH

Can you drop a line or two about MS. THANG..
*Salamat sa interview, MS. THANG. Ganda ng mga tanong. Interesting. Btw, if you happen to pass by a department store, look for a pair of skinny jeans for me, I'm thinkin of tryin a red one. LOL! That'd be sweet of you. hehe. See you around yo! Cheers! Peace!

Yes, let me know your size and i'll be sure to pick you up a pair, besides RED being my favorite color..i think its would look good on you...LMFAO!

thanks for answering! ill email you back if I have any follow up questions! your the shit for agreeing to the interview..dass wassup!

Ms. Thang ;)

So that was my interview with Ron Henley, yes i know some of you ladies MIGHT be disappointed that hes taken, MAYBE even some guys (i sure as hell hope not..LOL) but..the man had some interesting answers, and even gave a little TOO MUCH INFO! I hope you all were amused with Mr. Henleys answers as much as i was. I particularly liked how he put little stars beside his answers =) So this concludes the interview with STICKFIGGAZ, two TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEN with WAY different FASHION SENSES..but they for sure BRING IT as a DUO...and if ya'll didnt know...NOW YAH KNOW! peace out BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!